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- Plestin outlined -


Plestin-les-Greves is a resort and a market town located on the North coast of Brittany not far from Lannion (East direction at twenty kilometers) and Morlaix (West direction also at twenty kilometers).


Population is 3500 in winter, while it is 10 000 in summer.


Access to the motorway (RN12 Brest-Rennes-Paris) is easy (less than ten kilometers).


By car, Plestin - Roscoff, with its ferry line to Plymouth-Cornwall, takes fourty minutes.  


The oceanic weather offers mild weather (mimosa trees in gardens, snow and frost are rare, average 5-12° C in winter) and mild summer (sunny days without high temperature, average 19-23°C) due to the synergy of the sea influence and sheltered woody country.  Spring and Autumn are splendid seasons. 








The distance between the town center (Town hall) and the coast is less than two kilometers. However, there is not a clear separation between the center and the sea area due to the presence of a continuous set of houses.


The coast of Plestin is characterized by long beaches bordering two bays : the bay of Locquirec and the huge bay of Saint Efflam(*), a four kilometers beach. In the middle of this beach, "le Grand Rocher",  a huge rock associated with a legend (king Arthur, Saint Efflam see NOTE hereafter).

NOTE : Saint Efflam is celtic monk that came from Ireland in the 5th century. He was followed by sainte Enora, his wife. He christianised the area of Plestin. The tomb of Saint Efflam can be seen in the Saint Efflam church in the center of Plestin. 


In summer, beaches offer swimming possibilities and a set of sports, specially through the Nautical center, the sea is coloured by the sails of the sailing-boats, the funboards...


The surrounded countryside is predominantly agricultural. However, the scenery remains woody as fields have small/medium size and are separated by hedges and woods.


Three small rivers cross Plestin (salmon fishing is possible at least on the main one : "The Douron").








The center of the town is organized around the Saint Efflam church and the Town hall. A lot of small shops can be found : baker, butcher, books, sport clothes, flowers, bars... also services like pharmacy, doctors offices, and general services : Tourism office, Cultural center...








The historic patrimony is rich. 


It remotes to the very ancient times as it covers 300 000 years of history : from silex axes, through huge stones isolated or structured, neolithic tools, tumulus, celtic monuments, roman buildings (thermae), bretons Saint statues...


From more (relatively) recent periods (XVe-XVIIIe centuries) : a lot of chapels, small castles and manors, mills...








Economy is based on :


- tourism ; Plestin is a resort with hotels, restaurants, "crêperies", camping areas...


- commerce ; in addition to the various small shops mentionned herebefore, three supermarkets and an important sunday's market have an actual influence in the whole district ;  


- agriculture, more than thirty farmers share the exploitable fields ;


If small and medium industry is not developped (retired people and plestinais working in other towns as Lannion, Guerlesquin, Morlaix... are numerous), it is worth to note the significant number of very small enterprises (one/two workers).








The scolar life concerns several public and private schools and a public college. 


Sport infrastructures are recent.








The most popular sports are handball, football, tennis, badminton, bicycle, walking (tours are organised on demand). 


The "Bowl hall" ensures that typical Breton bowl (wood bowl) and "pétanque" competitions and training can take place independantly of the weather.








Culture and hobbies are : Cultural center (events, provision of books on the local history, the patrimony...), Ty an Holl (in breton, means : "House for all") where diversified activities and courses are organised : music (modern, classic, breton), breton danse, painting, social events (books, paint, photography).


The cinema, that shows the most recent movies together with cultural sessions, is situated in the center of the town. 


All along the year, a number of small religious ceremonies ("pardons") that relates to the chapels devoted to the breton saints take place.


The social life is dynamised by more than seventy associations.







Plestin-les-Grèves is an attractive place as it hosts in summer an increasing number of english, german and italian tourists. 


Furthermore, it hosts several english residents that, after having bought houses, live and work on a permanent basis.  




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    - Plestin in fiew pictures -


Plestin : a town between fields and sea        

        Town center : the Saint Efflam church


Saint Efflam bay                         

           Saint Efflam bay : "le Grand Rocher"


Main river (Douron) estuary                      

        Roman thermae on the Locquirec bay



Map of the Plestin area


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